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SRIJ Published Additional Regulations for Poker Tournaments

22 April 2021, 12:45
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Gambling Regulation and Inspection Service of Portugal (SRIJ) has published a new set of regulations dedicated to poker tournaments.

SRIJ Published Additional Regulations for Poker Tournaments

According to the news about the poker vertical, it is thriving and has increased in popularity during the pandemic. This tendency also hasn’t passed by tournaments as more and more professional players want to compete with each other. Portugal’s regulatory body clarified what had been changed in such competitions.

What do new provisions of poker regulations include?

The amendment brings mostly positive changes to poker matches. Tournaments will be able to offer new types of prizes, which are more organized in terms of payouts. In addition to this, these rules will ensure the creation of prize pools for future events. Moreover, if the prize money isn’t handed over to winners, it will be used for charitable causes.

Operators have to develop a plan of funds allocation in the competition. Buy-in cost consists of an operator’s commission and rewards. The prize share can be divided into two parts: the reward sum for the current event and the financial fund for other competitions. 

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