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Sri Lanka Makes Match Fixing Illegal

13 November 2019, 13:50
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Sri Lanka is the first among the South Asian countries that have criminalized match-fixing. According to a new bill, violators will face severe punishment. The violators will be required to pay up to 100 million rupees and face prison terms up to ten years.

Sri Lanka Makes Match Fixing Illegal

On November 11, the above-mentioned bill passed its third reading in the country’s parliament and it is due to be published in Sri Lanka’s Official Gazette to enter into force.

As the bill states, all people related to the sport are forbidden from manipulating events for getting personal revenue. This includes officials, athletes, betting operators and support staff organizing sports events. Besides, retired sportsmen helping fixers will also face prison terms and fines.

The government will appoint a special unit that will monitor investigations regarding sporting corruption in the country, including initiating criminal proceedings concerning match-fixing. The unit will comprise policemen elected for three-year terms.

According to the bill, people not informing about match-fixing cases to the above-mentioned unit will also be punished. Those who will not provide such information regarding match-fixing will be obliged to pay 200,000 rupees and face a prison term of 3 years.

As mentioned earlier, according to a recent survey, most US citizens support the idea of making sports betting legal in the country.

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