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Sports Clubs Want Clearer Gambling Advertising Rules in Denmark

18 September 2020, 17:27
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The desire to prohibit the usage of gambling advertising while holding and broadcasting sports events is usual practice globally, but some nuances may confuse. For instance, Denmark excluded the possibility to coexist the gambling promotion and loan organizations advertising at the same time. However, it led to several distractions and can facilitate reviewing the recent laws concerning the issue.

Sports Clubs Want Clearer Gambling Advertising Rules in Denmark

Even though Denmark has a well-regulated gambling sector, there are some misconceptions, even in it. Thus, the rule that regulates advertising usage prohibits "any marketing of consumer loan companies and consumer credit agreements in connection with the marketing of games and game providers." In other words, there should be no simultaneous advertising of loan-focused organizations (banks, loan-focused firms) with the promotion of gambling and gaming activities (betting, casinos, lotteries) at the same time. Traditionally, it has to be excluded from sports teams' jerseys and during their advertising campaigns and broadcasting.

What is the problem with Denmark’s current advertising rules in sports?

It seems to be clear how to apply the regarded law on practice, but the reality is a bit different. A lot of sports clubs are using the option of promoting betting firms or financial organizations related to loans. Clubs are selling rights for stadium names and placing logos on the t-shirts, while the whole football division can be named after the gaming sponsor. However, such collaboration requires a clear and strict managing hand, as a club and an entire league can have opposite sponsors (loan vs. gambling company), which breaks the Danish law.

The latest legislation news confirms that COVID-19 only facilitates the problem as the lack of income due to lockdown is almost limited to broadcasting and title sponsorship, which is persecuted and can be forbidden at any moment. Thus, NordicBet Liga (Danish second popular football division) cannot coexist with loan and credit firms, which can be placed on some football clubs' jerseys. Moreover, the promotion campaigns, including booklets, tickets, and broadcasting, also can break the rules and lead to financial penalties.

The tricky element hides in the interpretation of the existing law. Thus, what if the loan firm's logo is placed on one side of the t-shirt, while the betting company has placed its title on the other? What about printing opposing sponsors on diverse sides of the tickets or booklets? The representative of sports organizations and clubs insists that it is permissible as contradicting titles cannot be seen simultaneously. However, all three sides – legislature, sports clubs & organizations, and potential sponsors – want more transparent rules concerning the issue not to violate laws and go to the court with unnecessary speculations. It has to bring a new wave of discussions on the desk and upgrade the existing legislation.

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