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Sports Betting Topped Q4 2020 Gambling Income in Portugal

1 April 2021, 14:14
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Thanks to the betting raise, the fourth quarter of 2020 was accompanied by almost 75% growth compared to the same period in 2019, reaching a record quarterly revenue of €113.2M. Login Casino follows the latest betting news, providing the figures from the Portuguese gambling market.

Sports Betting Topped Q4 2020 Gambling Income in Portugal

The Portuguese Gambling Authority (SRIJ) reported the revenues of the country's licensed gambling sector in the last quarter of 2020. Two sectors traditionally drove the record-breaking results, but this time sports betting took the leading position.

The betting sector's revenue was slightly more than €64M, which is almost a 90% year over year (YoY) increase. Compared to another record-breaking point - the third quarter of 2020 - the jump is also crucial and is 34% (€84.2M). The total number of bets also grew and reached €345.6M, showing another massive jump of 86% in YoY.

If to talk about the most popular sports among bettors, football was predictably a leader with an astonishing 86.72% part of the total sportsbook revenue. The two notable sports to mention were basketball (5.21%) and tennis (4.86%), while the other sports gathered in total 3.21% of the wagerers' attention.

Other interesting figures

A previous leader, online casinos, came with positive results too. The sector contributed slightly more than €49M in the fourth quarter of 2020, which is almost a 58% rise compared to 2019 results. 71.1% of the online casino punters chose slots, while roulette was a preferable option for 12.6%; blackjack finished Q4 with 6.4%, while poker amounted to only 4.2%.

The revenue growth went in parallel with other strategic figures. Thus, the Portuguese people's total spendings almost reached €1.8B, which is a 69% splash in YoY. The number of new registrations grew by almost 80% (293K) compared to 2019. Unfortunately, the growth of gambling popularity forced more than 10 thousand people to join the self-exclusion program, which was a 17% increase from the total number registered at the end of Q3 (62 100).

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