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Sports Betting Operators in Malta Will See Big Drops in Revenue

29 May 2020, 12:11
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According to the recent survey conducted by the Malta Gaming Authority and the latest news about the gambling market, the sports betting sector in Malta was damaged immensely by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sports Betting Operators in Malta Will See Big Drops in Revenue

The MGA revealed the data showing that business-to-consumer companies suffered the biggest losses in the gambling industry. The study includes various spheres of the industry, allowing researchers to compare the current state of all of them.

The betting market was damaged most of all

If to consider the revenue of gambling companies, prognoses are disappointing: it will decrease by twelve percent this year. The pandemic, long-lasting lockdown, and absence of sports events are the reasons for this situation.

That is why it isn’t surprising that betting companies will probably have the lowest revenue in 2020. Experts say that, in comparison with the expected sum, the total revenue of this gambling segment will be forty percent less. Unfortunately, the post-pandemic government isn’t ready to offer investment to sports betting operators.

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