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Sponsorship Deals Are at Stake: DBU Is against Gambling Ads Rules

19 August 2020, 14:50
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New rules for advertising of gambling companies and banks are hotly discussed in the latest Danish betting news. Recent introductions to the law have sparked the outcry of the Danish Football Union (DBU) representatives.

Sponsorship Deals Are at Stake: DBU Is against Gambling Ads Rules

Not so long ago, the Danish Consumer Ombudsman has represented rules for advertising that significantly limit the opportunities for betting operators to advertise during football matches. Moreover, these requirements pose risks to many sponsorship deals and even make some of them impossible.

The ombudsman prohibits ads for gambling companies and banks to appear together

According to the newly introduced set of requirements, betting companies are prohibited to place their ads alongside banks’ ones because it instigates viewers to take on loans or use credit cards for gambling. However, these assumptions raise doubts of many DBU representatives about their reasonability.

These rules can cancel all partnerships with both sponsors, betting operators, and financial establishments because companies’ logos can’t be printed on football players’ clothes near each other. Moreover, any appearance of two logos together, even when a footballer with a gambling company’s logo on his clothes stands near the surface with a bank’s logo, is considered a violation of the law. However, the Consumer Ombudsman is still insisting that, despite all criticism, these regulations have come into force and have to be followed.

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