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Sponsorship Ban Will Harm Small Clubs’ Finances Immensely

17 March 2021, 13:09
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The UK’s small football clubs will get unfortunate financial news in the nearest time, according to the English Football League representatives.

Sponsorship Ban Will Harm Small Clubs’ Finances Immensely

The prohibition of gambling sponsorships, which will be also considered during the review of the current regulations, is the major reason for this.

Rick Parry sees catastrophic financial outcome from the ban

Rick Parry, the EFL chief executive, continues to state that this restriction will damage Britain’s football industry immensely. Smaller clubs will suffer most of all as their financial state will be put at considerable risk.

COVID-19 has already influenced clubs’ revenues negatively. They are trying to get through the crisis and recover from the pandemic consequences. The chairman emphasizes that the absence of contracts with sponsors will only aggravate the situation. Moreover, Rick Parry says that betting sponsorship hasn’t resulted in the boost of problem gambling. Such contracts with bookmakers should be allowed in the football sector because there isn’t any confirmation that advertising has an impact on the number of gambling addicts.

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