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Spillemyndigheden Gains Suit at Law to Block 55 Websites

19 March 2021, 13:17
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Denmark’s regulatory body Spillemyndigheden has been allowed to shut down fifty-five websites that provide gambling services without a license.

Spillemyndigheden Gains Suit at Law to Block 55 Websites

The information about the regulator’s win in the court appeared in the latest gambling news articles. Earlier, it tried to solve the problem by contacting website owners and demanding to stop the operation in Denmark. However, it didn’t help.

Now the regulator has legal permission for blocking

As Spillemyndigheden needed to file a lawsuit in court to block unregulated websites, on March 2, it provided proofs that confirmed the breach of the law by fifty-five online resources. The court settled the claim and allowed the Danish Gambling Authority to restrict the non-complying operators from reaching the country’s users.

The websites, which have come under the ban, are online casinos, lotteries, sportsbooks, and skin betting platforms. The list of law violators consists of twenty-two gambling services and twenty-three skin betting websites. The regulator states that such measures help to maintain a safe gaming environment for players and fight against the black market.

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