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Spelinspektionen’s Report Revealed Weak Points of Gambling Market

18 November 2020, 13:53
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As the recent study conducted by the Swedish gambling regulator shows, not all players know how to check whether an operator is licensed. Moreover, not all of them support the idea that local licensing actually has advantages, according to the news about the casino market.

Spelinspektionen’s Report Revealed Weak Points of Gambling Market

While Spelinspektionen is trying hard to make the Swedish gambling industry regulated, not all gamblers are ready to support its initiatives and participate in its programs. In addition to this, the latest report provided by the regulator has revealed that the majority of online casino users even don’t know how to differentiate between licensed and illegal gambling platforms.

The report shows vulnerabilities of the Swedish gambling regulations

The Swedish Gaming Inspectorate took a poll to find out about the attitude of the country’s players to the gambling industry. The timespan taken into consideration was twelve months. 1139 gamblers participated in the survey, which allowed the regulator to get valuable data about customers, their gambling behavior, and habits via the web interface.

In general, the research has shown the major tendencies in digital gambling activity in Sweden. For example, some respondents have said that they haven’t gambled for a long time because they win very rarely. Six of ten casino customers (62%) play just for entertainment and pleasure from the gaming process, while 30% want to win big. Those who play for fun prefer poker most of all (78%), casino games have a second place in this ranking (77%).

However, an important question to answer in the research was what platforms players choose for gambling. According to the poll, a state-owned operator Svenska Spel remains the most popular gambling services provider in the country with 55% of users. At the same time, in 2019, this percentage was 63%. Other websites that are popular among players in 2020 are ATG, Bet365, and Unibet.

The majority of gamblers don’t consider the Swedish gambling market healthy, which means that customers still see problems in this vertical. Moreover, 95% of players aren’t informed about how to check whether a virtual casino has a local license. Answering the question about sources where users can get this information, they mentioned Google search as well as the data provided on a casino or Spelinspektionen website.


The poll also includes the question about the advantages that websites with a Swedish gambling license have over unregulated casinos. 15% of respondents have answered that the main benefit is control from the government, which results in safety and security. However, 67% don’t see any obvious benefits on licensed gambling websites, and 9% think that there aren’t any advantages at all. Although a license isn’t a very important aspect for Swedish gamblers, 80% of them still prefer only those operators, which are the regulated market participants.

It is worth mentioning that, recently, the regulator has launched a special program – Spelpaus – which is aimed at the decrease in the problem gambling level. Players have an opportunity to protect themselves from gambling addiction by registering in the system. As the report shows, 43% of respondents don’t know about Spelpaus.

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