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Spearhead Studios Makes Its Debut at ICE London 2020

12 March 2020, 16:32
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After acquiring Spearhead Studios last November and together launching RGS Matrix in December, EveryMatrix has started the decade in a disruptive mood. At ICE London 2020, Spearhead Studios managing director Mathias Larsson has explained what the developer adds to EveryMatrix and how RGS Matrix is changing the way smaller gaming studios can scale up and take their game development and distribution to the next level.

Spearhead Studios Makes Its Debut at ICE London 2020

EveryMatrix and Spearhead Studios showcased their RGS Matrix solution at this year’s ICE London, with the newly acquired games developer also debuting its latest slot Wilds of Wall Street.

Mathias Larsson revealed the company’s ambitious plan to release more than 15 games (here is information about a cool game Portal 3) until the end of the year, emphasizing the need for Spearhead Studios to build a strong portfolio and increase its distribution channels. Eastern Europe is currently a focus market for the developer, with opportunities in new markets such as LATAM and Asia on the horizon. Since being operational late last year, Spearhead Studios has enjoyed access to EveryMatrix’s vast library of data, allowing the developer to create content tailored to the predilections of players in each specific market.

“Since we are so close with EveryMatrix we benefit from their data, billions of game rounds of data from all different parts of the world. If we look into Germany, for example, we can ask: What do German players want? So we can see out of the 8000 games on EveryMatrix’s CasinoEngine platform, we can pinpoint which are the top 20 games and ask why they are so popular.” said Larsson. He concluded by emphasizing that even if developers have built ten games onto a competitor's RGS, they can still build number eleven with EveryMatrix.

To bring even more game development under its wings, EveryMatrix launched RGS Matrix last December allowing developers to build their games onto the server without being forever dependent on its owner. Unlike other remote gaming servers on the market, developers with games on RGS Matrix can purchase the tech outright from EveryMatrix and launch solo as a standalone provider.

For more information, please contact the company at [email protected]

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