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Spanish Regulator Participates in the Conference Dedicated to Gaming Law in Germany

24 September 2019, 13:39
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Between the 11th and 13th of September, in the city of Munich, the Autumn Conference of the International Masters of Gaming Law took place. Many experts from different countries representing the gaming industry and regulatory bodies got an opportunity to discuss the current situation of the gaming sector and rules and regulations regarding this industry.

Spanish Regulator Participates in the Conference Dedicated to Gaming Law in Germany

The gambling regulator from Spain (DGOJ) also participated in this event. On September 12, its Deputy CEO Mr. Fernández made a presentation of the strategy used to cope with illegal gambling in the country. He also mentioned they tried to discuss illegal gambling with regulators from other countries and briefly presented the results received comparing different points of view on this matter.  

On the last day, the representative of the DGOJ moderated a round table. The experts discussed the main trends in the regulation, paying special attention to the most important aspects relevant to the gaming industry and its perception by public opinion. They also gave consideration to the new advertising phenomena that use the network, for example, influencers, tipsters, social networks that might cause problems for regulatory bodies.

As mentioned earlier, Spain’s Civic Ombudsman Francisco Fernández Marugán has urged the Spanish government to ban advertising gambling products and services. The authorities are developing new regulations.

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