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Spanish Politicians Should Make a Difficult Decision: Ethics or Money

14 April 2020, 14:02
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The online gambling industry in Spain has significantly increased over the past few years. It is caused by the growing popularity of mobile gaming products. Players saw all the advantages of remote gambling and providers began to improve their services to deliver the best gaming experience to their users. Read the latest EU news on online gambling to find out more about the industry’s condition in many countries.

Spanish Politicians Should Make a Difficult Decision: Ethics or Money

According to the recent data, the Spanish online gambling industry has increased by 270% for the last six years. These figures are impressive for the country’s government as the overall economy has significantly diminished in this period. The government even reduced the taxes on this market by 5% to give the boost to the online gaming segment that is already at its peak.

The Spanish government should make a choice

It is needless to say that this quick growth and the economic situation in the country have bewildered politicians. On the one hand, they should have more regulatory control over the industry and initiate laws that can help to prevent players from gambling problems. On the other hand, they understand that this online entertainment sector can bring a large profit to the country’s economy and upraise it in these harsh crisis conditions.

The government officials should also consider the ethical side of the question as problem gambling still exists in Spain. Moreover, the gambling regulator has recently announced that it will be classified as a mental health illness.

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