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Spanish Gambling Market Has not Gotten over 2008 Crash

1 November 2019, 17:37
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According to the data provided by the Spanish gambling trade association, the country’s gaming industry did not manage to achieve the figures that were recorded in 2007, ahead of the financial crash.

Spanish Gambling Market Has not Gotten over 2008 Crash

The association claims that the gambling industry is worth approximately twenty per cent less than it was twelve years ago in spite of the fact that regulated online gambling was introduced over the years. The 9.87 billion euros total means that gambling constitutes 0.8% of Spain’s gross domestic product, which is one-tenth lower than in the preceding year. As for the private gambling sector, there was a slight improvement in comparison to 2017. 

In 2018, the gambling sector contributed 1.34 billion euros in taxes and employed eighty-five thousand and forty-seven people, most of whom worked in the private sector.

Besides, the association’s report emphasizes that Spain together with Norway are at the top of the ranking of the European countries, where problem gambling is the least common problem. According to the association’s representative, the data is satisfying but they have to keep improving.

As mentioned earlier, the operation carried out by the Spanish police in different regions of the country resulted in the identification of twenty-eight minors involved in gambling activities.

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