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Spanish Christmas Lottery Sales Dropped

21 October 2020, 11:34
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As Spain’s recent news about the lottery sector informs, the Christmas Lottery faces hard times, as its sales have considerably decreased during the last several months.

Spanish Christmas Lottery Sales Dropped

According to reports, the sales of this lottery product have dropped by thirty percent within a period of July-October. ANAPAL (Agrupación Nacional de Asociaciones Provinciales de Administradores de Lotería), the Spanish group of the lottery associations, confirmed the data that people started to buy not so many tickets as before.

What are the reason and consequences of this dramatic drop?

Of course, the main reason for this downturn is the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. It influences the Christmas Lottery immensely, and it is worth mentioning that this campaign is one of the most important gambling products in Spain.

That is why ANAPAL has asked the government to convene a meeting of the economic monitoring commission urgently to discuss further steps. As the expected losses are big, the commission should take measures to help the draw to cope with the situation. The sales decrease may lead at least to job losses for fourteen thousand people. Moreover, the state coffers may be left without 1.2 billion euros in this difficult period.

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