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Spain’s Lottery Is Coming Back to the Normal

18 June 2020, 12:31
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According to recent Spain’s lottery news, the county is returning to its normal state and slowly resuming the operation of many services, including the gambling industry.

Spain’s Lottery Is Coming Back to the Normal

It is a reminder that the regulator has suspended the work of lotteries because of the coronavirus pandemic. The reason for this decision was a large number of infected people, and the government took action to protect Spain’s citizens from infection.

EuroMillions are getting back

Now things are going back to normal. The government of Spain has apologized for the suspension and announced that it is ready to allow the lottery sector to restart its operation. It is good news for people who are fond of the lottery.

Spanish players have got an opportunity to try their luck in EuroMillions, which is the most popular operator in the country. Spain has entered the third stage of the withdrawal from the lockdown. The opening of lotteries is a part of this phase. However, the National Lottery was available for players starting May 18 with the draws coming back on the eleventh of June. As for gambling machines, they also got back on track in May.

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