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Spain’s DGOJ Is Insisting on New Loot Box Classification

19 November 2020, 16:53
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The news about the gambling laws in Spain may be soon discussed actively because the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ) is submitting new legislation concerning the category of loot boxes.

Spain’s DGOJ Is Insisting on New Loot Box Classification

The DGOJ’s chief, Mikel Arana, announced that the regulator had appealed to the country’s government with the suggestion to categorize loot boxes as games of luck. The authority is insisting that these changes to the gambling law should be carried into effect in the nearest time before new regulations will come into force.

The DGOJ demands guarantees

Arana demands that these boxes should be approached as gambling-based products in the upcoming package of industry-related regulations, which will be launched in 2021. The representation of these virtual items in the regulatory frame under different category will help to protect problem gamblers from the risks caused by this feature. The regulator states that loot boxes evoke impulsive purchases.

It is worth mentioning that Spain isn’t the first country in the European Union that has decided to change the approach to such a gaming element as a loot box. This year, other regulatory bodies have also begun to make amendments to their iGaming laws.

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