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Spain’s Christmas Lottery Announced Its Prize Pool

15 December 2020, 16:09
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This year’s prize pool of Christmas Lottery in Spain became one of the most much-discussed topics in the latest news about the lottery market.

Spain’s Christmas Lottery Announced Its Prize Pool

Players can try their luck and participate in the annual draw, which promises to be rather generous. The procedure of drawing is scheduled for December 22.

172 million tickets will be sold

According to the official information, players will get an opportunity to buy tickets based on 172 series, which include 100 000 numbers. Tickets will be also divided into tenths. The sales revenue is estimated at 3.44 billion euros, however, only seventy percent will be assigned for the lottery payouts.

It means that the Christmas Lottery players have a chance to get a part of 2.41 billion euros. There are three common types of prizes, and the main one is the so-called “El Gordo”. It is estimated at almost 700 million euros if to consider all series. The second type guarantees 125 000 euros, and the third – 50 000 euros in total. The SELAE (State Society for State Lotteries and Bets) president has noted that Christmas Lottery is associated not only with huge winnings but also with a national tradition.

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