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Spain Wants Closer Relations for State and Regional Registries

17 June 2021, 11:40
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According to the latest legal news from the DGOJ, the Commission of the Gambling Policy Council has submitted for approval a new regulation touching upon a closer connection between state and regional ban registries.

Spain Wants Closer Relations for State and Regional Registries

The new law is aimed at the creation of a safer gambling environment and the prevention of vulnerable social groups from harm related to the industry.

All Spanish regions entered into the agreement

According to the Spanish gambling regulator, the agreement stipulates closer relations in terms of gambling self-ban registries between all Spanish areas. Based on it, the country’s autonomous regions, including Ceuta and Melilla, will have to cooperate to ensure that players restricted from gambling on one territory won’t get access to it on the other territory.

Before adopting the law, the Plenary Council has to consider it. The agreement, published by the DGOJ, highlights the main directions and actions, which all representatives have to take. They have to cooperate, participate, and coordinate gambling matters when it is necessary to establish the best possible protection system via the registration of Spain’s citizens restricted from gambling. When the proposal is approved, the authorities will have to make technological and regulatory changes that will ensure automated interconnection between information systems of state and regional ban registries.

In addition to this question, the Ministry of Consumption will consider two other projects connected with safer gambling – the draft of the Royal Decree on safer gambling environment and regulation for dotation to conduct researches related to the prevention of gambling disorders.

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