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Spain Started to Get More Taxes from Gambling within 6 Years

19 March 2021, 17:04
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As the report provided by Civismo Foundation informs, the amount of taxes from the Spanish gambling industry has been increasing within the last six years.

Spain Started to Get More Taxes from Gambling within 6 Years

Of course, it is good financial news for the country, the government of which, however, continues to regulate the market tightly.

Catalonia collected most of the taxes

If to compare the results of 2013 and 2019, gambling tax collection increased by three percent in Spain to €1 075 million. The gambling industry’s revenue is €9 870 million annually with the online sector thriving. In 2019, its GGR reached €747 million, which was almost a 7% increase.

It is also important to mention that the amount of taxes paid by the gambling business varies across Spanish regions. Catalonia is the leader with more than twenty percent of the overall sum and €225 million in 2019. Valencia collected €158 million as taxes, Andalusia – €157 million, Madrid – €148 million. The mentioned regions hold a 42.4% share of the market. Experts say that it is a perfect scenario when the government imposes taxes upon the capital increase, not upon consumption.

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