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Spain Prepares for Gambling Law Changes

17 December 2020, 15:53
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The Spanish Ministry of Consumer Affairs initiated the changes to the recent Royal Decree that regulates the country's gambling industry. Login Casino keeps an eye on the latest legislation news in gambling and explains in more detail what is going to change in Spain.

Spain Prepares for Gambling Law Changes

The following year can bring changes to the Spanish gambling legislation, which is now operating under the Royal Decree. It was announced by the head of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzon.

According to the Minister, the primary emphasis will be on improving the laws' customer side. Thus, the governor hopes to increase the standards in multiple directions, including awareness, prevention, control, intervention, and treatment.

Among the upcoming practical changes will be the adjustment of gambling advertising via the mass media. Spain has already banned betting sponsorship on the jerseys of sports clubs. However, the renewed law will regulate the partnership between the sides in a more transparent manner.

Another aim is the activation of the generally accepted self-exclusion scheme. It means the coordination between the gambling spheres and sharing the needed information to prevent addictive behavior among the population, especially the younger ones.

Who will be working on the new laws?

Alberto Garzon explained that the draft of the new legislation will be presented in 2021. It means that the list of the involved persons will be massive during this drafting stage. Thus, the Minister hopes to include into the workgroup all the parties: shareholders, scientists, lawmakers, and so on.

One of the major roles will be played by the Responsible Gambling Advisory Council, which consists of experts from different spheres. However, this squad will be expanded with the representatives of popular lotteries, ONCE and SELAE.

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