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Spain Has Approved a New Plan for the Prevention of Sports Betting Fraud

31 July 2020, 14:20
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Spain’s plan that will help to get total control over fraud in sports bets has become the main topic of discussion in the latest betting news.

Spain Has Approved a New Plan for the Prevention of Sports Betting Fraud

The government has high hopes for this initiative as it can help to protect the sports betting industry from fraudulent activity. CONFAD, Spain’s National Commission to Combat the Manipulation of Sports Competitions and Betting Fraud, has already introduced its plan for this and next year. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs also supports it and has already appointed authoritative bodies that will be responsible for the control.

The plan includes twenty-one preventive measures

In general, the plan is divided into several sections, each of them has its purpose. The goal of the first section is to analyze the betting market constantly to gather the latest information about fraudulent bets. The second sector focuses on actual information about the regulations. The control and monitoring zone is responsible for the expansion of channels for data exchange and cooperation between all organizations involved. The last sector’s function is to update the legal framework.

The list of measures aims to improve the integrity of sports betting in the country, facilitate the process of revealing suspicious bets, as well as market monitoring. Moreover, the government is going to reconsider the current regulations to ensure that illegal activities are prosecuted.

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