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Spain Cancels Temporary Gambling Advertising Restrictions

14 June 2020, 11:59
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According to Spain’s gambling news, the country cancels temporary restrictions connected with the advertising of gambling products and services.

Spain Cancels Temporary Gambling Advertising Restrictions

It is important to mention that the government has launched these regulations as a part of the coronavirus emergency bill. It prohibited advertising on TV and radio, together with ads on the Internet, to protect people from excessive gambling during the lockdown. Despite the cancellation of the short-term restrictions, gambling companies may soon demand the reconsideration of permanent regulations.

The Spanish government is going to introduce strict gambling laws

The new regulations will considerably limit operators’ ability to advertise gambling products. First of all, as it has been during the quarantine, they will be able to promote such services only within 4 hours – from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. The new law will also touch upon the betting sector as the regulator will prohibit advertising in stadiums.

The regulations haven’t come into effect yet. The European Commission needs to consider and assess them to proceed further. This procedure is obligatory because the Commission has to make sure that they comply with its standards.

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