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Spain Bans Betting Companies Ads on Footballers’ Clothes

11 July 2020, 12:06
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Spain’s betting news shows that the country has followed the UK’s example and also decided to ban the advertising of betting operators during sports events.

Spain Bans Betting Companies Ads on Footballers’ Clothes

Alberto Garzón, the Minister of Consumer Affairs, has introduced new gambling regulations that will influence the advertising opportunities for betting operators significantly. In the nearest future, gambling companies won’t be able to place ads on footballers’ clothes.

Betting companies can’t sponsor football matches

The new law is considerable pressure on operators, as they lose one of their most effective marketing channels – sports events. The government has prohibited not only ads on T-shirts, but any other promotion types, for example, the sponsorship of stadium names.

Currently, eight football clubs have contracts with the betting operators, including Valencia, Sevilla, Mallorca, etc. However, it was the last season when they could benefit from this sponsorship. The ban will come into force in the next La Liga season after its approval. It is worth mentioning that gambling companies can use a 4-hour advertising window to promote their services. The rest of the time isn’t available to them.

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