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Financial News: The Market in Figures

Finance is a wide range of sectors, including but not limited to banking, companies’ revenue, assets, credits, investing, and capital markets. All these topics are a part of the gambling industry as well and are extremely important for its participants: operators, companies, investors, etc., in addition to interesting gambling articles, provides current data on the finance in the gambling industry and beyond it and highlights the most important problems in the European and global financial sector.

Get the latest financial news today

The webspace is full of information because the master of information is the master of the situation! This principle applies to every industry, including the iGaming one. is always the first to inform its readers about the financial changes, which happen in the market, as well as the results of the key market players.

The latest financial news and up-to-date gambling news in the world help the market participants not to get lost in the financial vertical of the industry and use facts and figures to get a clear picture of their business’ future.

In addition to this, financial markets today are changing constantly, not giving a chance to its participants to stay slow and unconcerned with it., being an information hub, helps business owners to be aware of every, even slight, change that occurs in the financial sector. Moreover, information about companies’ annual, quarterly, and monthly gross gaming revenue (GGR) shows the strongest players in the market and reflects the current industry’s state.

Financial market news for the gambling business

Highlighting every aspect of the gambling business, including recent sports news worldwide, which is useful for the betting sector, has also focused on important data about such segments of finances as:

  • changes in banking systems, which influence the gambling market;
  • innovations in payments processing;
  • financial regulations;
  • fintech;
  • gambling industry investment;
  • stocks price;
  • market revenue;
  • and many more.

This financial information, together with new iGaming articles dedicated to the business, becomes a lifesaver for all involved in it.

Today's financial news and experts’ comments

To provide insight into the most important sectors of the market’s financial side, does both publishes news articles and also adds related experts’ comments to them. The online business magazine’s team reaches the industry’s key figures. They provide their opinion on the most important gambling news as well as prognoses.

This format allows readers not only to get bare facts but also to understand the situation deeper. Experts’ comments are the best way to use a new angle on a problem and, what is more important, read about its possible outcome from the point of view of a reputable source. This approach to newsfeed allows the magazine to meet the needs of its target audience successfully. Informative interviews with famous iGaming experts become the most valuable source of the market’s financial data.

To provide readers with a complete gambling industry overview, its editorial staff communicates with the market representatives constantly to stay tuned for breaking news. Additionally, the portal includes an industry-focused iGaming blog from experts, which covers the most challenging topics frequently discussed in financial news articles.

World of finance: news, researches, and reports

It is clear that analytical information is crucial for any business, and the gambling vertical isn’t an exception. provides such data based on reports or results of researches. Readers can see the financial situation of the iGaming industry through figures.

This way of presenting information, which is supported by figures, helps business owners to rely on specific facts when they create a strategy for their companies. The magazine monitors the authoritative sources and keeps in touch with the industry leaders and financial experts to get exclusive reports, which reflect the market size.

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