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Small Turn in Gambling Behavior in November, GC Says

21 January 2021, 12:32
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The UK's Gambling Commission (GC) presented the numbers concerning Britons' gambling behavior in November. According to the report, the second wave of quarantine measures led to a slight increase in the desire to gamble among citizens. The latest casino news explains in more detail what changes happened during the highlighted period.

Small Turn in Gambling Behavior in November, GC Says

The previous year's tough conditions forced GC to look more attentively at the gambling market and related aspects. The governmental structure was worrying about the possible increase in addictive behavior due to lockdown measures caused by the global pandemic. Monthly reports became a new norm, and the organization pays more attention to negative changes.

Overall, November can be regarded as the month with a slight increase in gambling behavior as major indicators grew up. Thus, the number of active digital accounts enlarged by 3% compared to October. It led to a 4% increase in the number of bets up to 5.2B, while bookies report only a 1% increase in the particular sector's number of accounts.

At the same time, the gross gambling yield (GGY) dropped by 13% in November. On the contrary, the GGY of slots grew by 3% and reached £177M. It goes in parallel with the increased intervals and gaming sessions: the number of 1+ hour visits raised by 3%, which is now a common length for 8% of gamblers. The average gaming time in online casinos also grew up by almost 5% and now is 22 minutes.

At the end of the report, the Gambling Commission reminded operators not to forget about their responsibility during tough times. In order to keep the finger on the pulse of a possible sharp increase in gambling addiction, the organization will continue reviewing the industry results monthly.

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