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Single-Event Betting in Canada Will Be Legalized Soon

28 November 2020, 11:34
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Canada is actively moving to introduce the changes to the Criminal Code, which prohibits single-event wagering. The appropriate bill has been sent to the parliament and awaits adoption. Login Casino reports about the latest news in bookmaking and explains the outcomes of the legislative changes in Canada.

Single-Event Betting in Canada Will Be Legalized Soon

Single-event betting is prohibited by the Canadian Criminal Code. However, the punter can bet on sporting events, but only if he or she has chosen three or more games simultaneously. Nevertheless, this extraordinary rule will be eliminated soon.

Interestingly, but the legislative initiative to change betting laws was first introduced four years ago. However, the local lawmakers ignored it until 2020, when the possible financial profit of renewed rule became more important. This week, the Ministry of Justice has reintroduced the bill to the upper legislature, and the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) hopes it will be passed soon.

What will a single-bet allowance give to the country?

After the state's officials have renewed the activity around the changes, CGA has been flashy to explain how useful the country's renewed law will be. The representatives are sure that legislative changes will increase Canadian punters' safety, who now may wager on illegal websites with no country's protection.

The flipside of the permission is the financial benefit for the country's treasure. CGA says that a softer rule will boost the bookmaking sector, increase the competition inside it, and improve service quality. Logically, the industry is going to bring more revenues and pay more taxes into the state's treasure.

Meanwhile, not all the competitions will be allowed for the single-bet option. According to the sources, the major US basketball, soccer, and hockey leagues will be added to the whitelist. The local Canadian sporting events will also widen the possibilities for punters, while the abroad competitions can still be prohibited for the new wagering option.

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