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SIC Confirmed 37 CS:GO Coaches Receive Ban due to Bag Usage

29 September 2020, 16:11
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The Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) presented the list of 37 coaches that used camera bags in CS:GO. All of them received bans from a few months and up to 3 years. As coaches have already become a part of the CS:GO teams and show enough influence on the game process, this occasion will influence the whole CS:GO scene and many teams' results.

SIC Confirmed 37 CS:GO Coaches Receive Ban due to Bag Usage

The camera-bag scandal burned out about a month ago when the first few CS:GO coaches were suspected in helping their teams. The essence of this bag is related to the coach's ability to enter a gaming server and appear in a random fixed spot on the map with the ability to rotate the camera. Depending on the map specifics and camera point, some coaches could see a large amount of the map concerning opponents' activity on it, which is a massive help to the team that could ignore some dangerous positions to be killed from.

After the first cases were announced and shaken the latest esports news, the ESIC started huge research and analyzed almost 100 000 demo-recording of the matches since 2015. Prior to Heroics, Mirb, and Hard Legion teams, whose coaches were caught at the beginning of September, the recent list of squads involved in unfair games increased. Among the most notable names are Faze, Natus Vincere, mousesports, FURIA, OG, and forZe.

How did the community react to ESIC's research?


As there is still insufficient evidence of exploiting the spectator bag due to the inability to listen to team-speaks during the matches, some of the coaches and whole organizations have refused their cheating. Thus, forZe insists that their coach was sitting in the analytics studio during the match and could not use the bag in any form. Faze Clan management and players also supported their coach in not abusing the bag.

On the contrary, some organizations judged this kind of cheating. For example, Heroics and Mibr fired their coaches after knowing they were misusing spectator options. Natus Vincere publicly apologized for their two coaches using bags, although on one map each and in the matches of secondary importance. Many commentators and former players also stated their attitude towards the situation, mainly insisting on reviewing the cases before making final judgments.

How will the camera bag report and ban influence the CS:GO scene?

Those who used the camera bag several times and received more than a year ban will lose a lot in the CS:GO as teams don't want to be related to any cheating cases. Short-term removals give coaches chances to return to cybersport, but it will be way harder after being in the ESIC report. However, this situation can facilitate the coaching institution in CS:GO and bring young talents to the public radar. This case also showed that any bag usage or cheating could be punished even years after the occasion took place.

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