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Shoma Ishikawa Is the First Winner of the WSOP Online Bracelet Outside the USA

21 July 2020, 12:37
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The WSOP online tournament continues to introduce new talented players to the world. While some poker news articles discuss DDoS attacks that have attempted to break off the event, others tell readers about Shoma Ishikawa. He is the first poker player who has received the WSOP bracelet at the online event outside the United States.

Shoma Ishikawa Is the First Winner of the WSOP Online Bracelet Outside the USA

Now Shoma “pp_syon” Ishikawa isn’t just a player who has been participating in this legendary tournament, but also a person whose name will be recorded in its history. The event began on the nineteenth of July with three bracelets waiting for their winners. However, some technical issues influenced its course, and only the thirty-fourth event could have a winner.

The third Japanese player with the WSOP bracelet

It was a big day for the Japanese poker community as its representative could receive the much-desired award for any card player – the World Series of Poker gold bracelet. Earlier, the other two players from Japan also could win it. More than two thousand poker professionals applied for the participation at the $525 Super Turbo Bounty No-Limit Hold’em event. It allowed the tournament organizers to prepare the prize pool of $1 107 000.

This victory became mostly eventual for Ishikawa, but it didn’t make the bracelet of lower value. In addition to the event symbol, the organizers rewarded the poker champion with $117 650. The second place and $86 972 was assigned to Diego “El Motron” Ostrovich from Argentina. The Canadian player Gary “STARDOG13” Johnson won third place and $51 801.

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