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SGS 2020 Live in Stockholm – Only One Month to Go!

19 August 2020, 16:46
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The Eventus International team is wrapping up final preparations for hosting the 3rd edition of SGS (Scandinavian Gaming Show) live at the Hilton Stockholm Slussen, Stockholm, Sweden, on September 28-29, 2020.

SGS 2020 Live in Stockholm – Only One Month to Go!

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In compliance with the Swedish government’s health and safety regulations, the event will be limited to a maximum of 50 participants while adhering to strict social distancing protocols to ensure the safety and welfare of all participants.

Attendees can look forward to a lineup of key industry speakers and an agenda addressing the most pressing issues in the Scandinavian and global gaming industry at the moment.

Keynote addresses include:

  • We need to adapt: The core challenges for Scandinavian betting & gaming (Ismail Vali, Chief Product & Marketing Officer, A GAME ABOVE).
  • Intellectual Property: Most common ways illegitimate actors exploit licensed operators (Fredrik Ljungman, Head of Corporate Strategy, Otmore).
  • Jackpot Insurance in Gaming. How to increase the play rate due to higher jackpots (Frank Herold, Member of the Board, EMIRAT).

SGS 2020 will be chaired by Steen Madsen, CEO, A GAME ABOVE.

Delegates will gain first-hand perspectives into the respective Nordic countries’ gaming climate through compelling panel discussions headed by leading global and Scandinavian gaming experts.

“Pleased and privileged to have been asked to give the keynote speech at this year's Scandinavian Gaming Show at what is a vital time for the betting and gaming sector, globally, and especially in the early-adopting Scandinavian markets. I'll be talking through the challenges across stakeholders, the industry, customer experience, and the fundamental need to adapt to a new era of betting and gaming.” - Ismail Vali.

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