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Self-Exclusion Option Is Popular in Finland in 2021

12 March 2021, 10:30
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The national gambling operator Veikkaus has reported the number of punters who have used the self-exclusion option while playing. The lion's share of almost 30 000 cases belongs to online casinos, while land-based slot machines also have some interesting aspects to mention by the LoginCasino casino news rubric.

Self-Exclusion Option Is Popular in Finland in 2021

Even though the Finnish governmental regulator activated the authentication scheme and self-exclusion option only on January 12, 2021, it reported the results in the first two months. In total, 28 400 punters used the option for shorter or longer terms, showing that the initiative looks valuable in practice.

Expectedly, the majority of the gamblers used the digital version of self-exclusion, totaling almost 27 500. At the same time, about 5600 customers activated the protection option while playing land-based slot machines. As one can see, there are plenty of players who used both types of self-exclusion, applying it online and offline.

Specifics of Finnish land-based slots

Since the beginning of this year, Veikkaus launched obligatory authentication for lovers of land-based slots. Thus, the gambler has to pass an appropriate procedure and receive permission, which automatically gives the option to activate self-exclusion in a store or cafe. According to the report, about 63 000 slot machine users registered since January 12, while about 22 000 unique clients press physical buttons weekly.

Interestingly, those brick-and-mortar gaming mechanisms have a "Panic button," which prohibits gambling till the end of the following day. There were 610 such cases, which is more than 10% of the overall slot machines exclusion number.

Reaction on the numbers and perspectives

Veikkaus representatives are rather optimistic about the number of players that used the self-exclusion option. They insist on the effectiveness of the responsible gambling initiative and appropriate steps to increase it.

At the same time, officials want to activate mandatory authentication for all types of gambling until the end of 2023.

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