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Seanad Wants New Regulator and No Gambling Ads

26 April 2021, 16:06
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The members of the Irish chamber of parliament, the Seanad, want to bring changes to the gambling law, according to the recent news.

Seanad Wants New Regulator and No Gambling Ads

As it was informed, senators focused on decreasing the number of gambling advertisements as well as the creation of the regulatory body, which would control the compliance with the regulations.

Senators say the problem is urgent

James Browne, a person responsible for the gambling industry regulation in the country, has got several appeals from the parliament members, which call for the review of the current legislation in the gambling vertical. The major demand is to reduce the number of related ads. First, this will help to protect minors from the business’s negative effects. Secondly, the senators say that there is an increase in the activity due to marketing gimmicks used by operators, which can lead to a spike in gambling addiction.

Another important topic raised by the members is the establishment of a single industry regulator. This idea has been postponed several times, however, the Seanad representatives are sure that now is a high time to get back to this question. Separate regulatory bodies covering various market sectors don’t ensure the appropriate control in this vertical.

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