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Scotland Opens Land-Based Wagering, BGC Applauds

14 December 2020, 13:45
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The lockdown's canceling means the return of Scottish land-based betting shops to routine work. The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) representatives explain why this step is important for the country. Login Casino reviews the latest news in bookmaking and retells the most important messages of the case.

Scotland Opens Land-Based Wagering, BGC Applauds

The second wave of lockdowns across Europe led to the closing of all the brick-and-mortar entertainment, including betting shops, casinos, and gaming halls. It meant closing about 400 wagering venues for Scotland, which is a significant source of the state's revenues, especially during pandemic times.

That is why the reopening of the land-based bookies caused a positive reaction from the BGC's representatives. Thus, Michael Dugher, who is BGC CEO, states that the quarantine measures' weakening is a positive signal for workers' financial well-being and the state's treasure.

He also admitted that the betting industry is one of the most prepared to be reopened during the pandemic. Protective screens, sanitizers, and strict social distance compliance are the must for all wagering venues across the countries, which helps to enjoy betting safely.

The financial side of betting shops reopening

According to reports, the bookmaking industry contributes about £50M to the country's treasure annually. Moreover, this sphere gives about 2000 job positions and eases the pressure on the state's budget if employees are working.

One more positive aspect of wagering shops reopening is the additional funding of the horse industry. Broadcasting rights and specific levy, which are paid by betting businesses, contribute about £13.5M per year. That is significant support of the industry that is also adversely affected by the coronavirus spread. The lack of spectators and visitors on racetracks cut the industry's revenues, which became more dependent on bookmakers' payments.

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