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Sazka Presses Camelot via Acceptance of 18+ Gambling

7 December 2020, 16:45
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The National Lottery license-bidding process becomes tougher after the Czech lottery operator, Sazka Group, has supported the initiative to increase the minimum lottery age from 16 to 18. According to the latest lottery news, Camelot might face serious competition in the battle for the new permission to provide the British National Lottery.

Sazka Presses Camelot via Acceptance of 18+ Gambling

The lottery business in GB can change significantly in the upcoming years. Toto games have been legal in Britain since 1994, and the only company received the right to provide it - Camelot Group. However, their license will be over in 2023, and the Gambling Commission is ready to accept the best proposition via the open tender.

The process for receiving a renewed National Lottery license has been launched, and several huge companies are ready to compete for the unique right. The inside competition from the side of Virgin Group, owned by Sir Richard Branson, is good but not enough. However, Sazka Group from Prague is also ready to compete for the unique permission. Login Casino has already informed that French FDJ operator and Indian Sugan & Damani are interested in entering the British market.

What is the problem with age concerning the British lottery?

Another vital change can come from the legislative side, where the local governors discuss the minimum age for safe lottery playing. The recent legislation allows 16+ participation in the lottery, while many people are sure that it leads to the increase of addiction behavior.

The issue even led to the fact that the governors initiated changes to the legislation and forbid lotteries for underage individuals. The changes may be approved in early 2021 as both the British Gambling Commission and local governors support the idea to limit under-18 lotto tickets purchase.

In order to press the recent license-holder Camelot, which looks like the firm that allows underage gambling, Sazka has decided to announce its support of minimum-age changes officially. In combination with the former Camelot's conflicts and lawsuits, one can perceive the recent lottery operator as an irresponsible firm in the regarded sphere.

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