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Satoshi Nakamoto’s Identity Revealed?

6 November 2019, 13:55
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The question “Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?” has been of interest to many representatives of the crypto industry as well as ordinary people all over the world.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s Identity Revealed?

A number of those claiming to be the BTC creator, have already been exposed. For instance, Craig Wright, a developer from Australia, was sued by the relative of one of his deceased Bitcoin makers who stated that Wright wanted to avoid paying the man’s rightful BTC inheritance. The Australian was found guilty, which means he had to pay billions in Bitcoin fees to the claimant.

And now a new probable co-founder of the cryptocurrency #1 has emerged. His name is Jorg Molt. At Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, India, earlier this year the German was presented as the co-founder of BTC. This information provoked lively discussions in terms of whether he could be considered the real Satoshi Nakamoto. Besides, Molt is a crypto billionaire as he owns 250 thousand BTC units.

However, not everyone believed this assumption. According to Air Paul, chief information officer at Block Tower, that person was nothing more but a scammer. Another man shared his video with Molt at a crypto conference and claimed that the German was not the one he pretended to be.

As mentioned earlier, at the end of summer a large-scale bitcoin fraud was carried out with the help of a PlusToken crypto wallet.

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