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Reopening of Casinos in France Is Scheduled for May

7 May 2021, 16:58
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Yesterday, France has got some good news about casinos: French casinos will be able to reopen from May 19 after the relaxation of restrictive measures that have been imposed due to the global pandemic.

Reopening of Casinos in France Is Scheduled for May

The current opening of the casinos will be allowed only with 35% of the capacity and only to play slot machines. This information was confirmed by the French Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises. The table games area may open from June 9 under adequate safety and hygiene conditions. In addition to the opening of the gaming tables, the capacity allowed in French casinos would go up to 50%.

The best news for casinos and customers in France

With the loosening of the measures on June 9, meals can also be offered inside the restaurants, so the casinos will also be able to sell food and drinks inside and remain open until 11:00 p.m.

Getting the news about the reopening of French casinos and the new measures, gambling establishments in the country are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after 6 months of closure. At this time, it is not expected that the vaccination passport or test is mandatory to enter a land-based gambling venue.

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