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“Reckless” Sports Clubs Continue to Sign Deals with Betting Companies

29 August 2020, 10:44
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According to the statements of Alberto Garzón, Spain’s Minister for Consumer Affairs, that have recently appeared in the most popular news about betting, he doesn’t think that entering into a contract with bookmakers is a good idea for sports clubs.

“Reckless” Sports Clubs Continue to Sign Deals with Betting Companies

However, it doesn’t prevent clubs from such partnerships, and they are still interested in them. The upcoming ban on betting-related ads, which will be carried out under the new decree in the nearest future, isn’t an obstacle for sports to earn money from gambling ads now.

Renewed sponsorships with betting companies seem inappropriate

Spain developed and introduced the decree last month. It contains restrictions not only on advertising but also on bonus programs. The new law has been submitted to the EC for consideration. While the commission is reviewing it, sports clubs benefit from the last opportunity to collaborate with bookmakers.

This fact seems outrageous for the Minister for Consumer Affairs. He says that all types of gambling ads will be banned soon, and such sports as football, handball, and basketball won’t be allowed to place advertising on players’ T-shirts. Even La Liga will need to follow regulations. Betting operators will be able to run promotion campaigns only within a 1 am-5 am time framework.

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