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Quarantine and Gambling in Ukraine: Forecasts and Actions

22 May 2020, 17:40
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What is the situation in the Ukrainian gambling market in times of crisis, how are things going with the legalization of the business, what are the nuances of future regulation and trends in the sphere as a whole, and what are gambling news in general? Opinion leaders will answer all these questions in the framework of the online webinar held by the first specialized Ukrainian online gambling magazine

Quarantine and Gambling in Ukraine: Forecasts and Actions

The start of the event, which will take place over two days – June 17 and 18, is scheduled for 7 p.m. (UTC+3). The most objective assessment of diverse issues will be given by the lawmaker, specialized lawyer and even a media psychologist.

In addition, the top-level managers in the area of ​​the trend that is gaining popularity today – cyber soccer, as well as e-sports in general, will share their experience in the framework of the webinar.

Registration for the event is very simple: for this, it is necessary to fill out the registration form on the event website. The event moderators will send an active link to the broadcast to each user on the day of the webinar.

Information to be shared by experts:

  • how the gambling business of Ukraine will be organized (based on bill No. 2332);
  • features of the gambling markets of Malta and Belarus: an experience worth paying attention to;
  • preparation for entering the market: basic knowledge before starting work;
  • the economic crisis and unexpected popularity: how e-sports in general and cyber soccer in particular will change;
  • lack of sports events on which it is possible to bet: how to skillfully organize profits from a sportsbook audience in such conditions;
  • marketing during the crisis: guideline standards for agencies and their clients;
  • search for potential customers (lead generation) and traffic arbitrage: how to make them work correctly;
  • ludomania as a potential problem: the view of psychoanalysts on the issue of interaction between operators and customers.

More detailed information on each speaker of the event can be found directly on the event website.

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