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Protests against Betting Shops in Spain

9 October 2019, 13:40
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Many people gathered in different regions of Spain in order to protest against the rapid growth in the number of betting shops.

Protests against Betting Shops in Spain

According to Adrián Belaire, who represents the platform that organized the protest, their main goal consists in decreasing the number of betting shops. They destroy the neighborhoods because they are usually situated close to schools, leisure centres, libraries and parks.

Many people believe gambling will turn into a serious addiction. In their opinion, this industry will go on growing with a lot of famous people selling their images to promote gambling.

The betting market has developed much since 2014 in Spain. According to the reports, online gambling grew by 387% from 2012 to 2017.

The largest number of people joined the demonstration in Madrid where new betting shops have recently been opened in central areas of the city. Some of them are situated close to schools.

Demonstrators want this business to be totally eliminated. Even if at least one betting shop remains, they will not be satisfied.

As mentioned earlier, the Spanish police have recently carried out an investigation regarding gambling. The common opinion that plenty of underage gamblers are accessing games and activities illegally in the country has proved to be false.

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