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Problem Gambling Declined in the UK during Lockdown

22 October 2020, 12:06
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According to recent reports and news about gambling addiction in the UK from YouGov, problem gambling wasn’t a big problem during the lockdown.

Problem Gambling Declined in the UK during Lockdown

This research was held by YouGov, a public opinion firm, with the support of such an organization as GambleAware. More than twelve thousand people who gamble have participated in it during the period of September-October 2019. Another study was conducted in May 2020 with approximately nine thousand participants. It helped researchers to compare results and make the right conclusion based on the exact data.

What are the figures?

Gamblers answered several questions related to gaming habits, which showed whether this activity is problematic and risky for them. According to the results, involvement in gambling in Great Britain has dropped to thirty-nine percent from October to May. Although four percent of participants have admitted that they have played more at casinos during the lockdown, the overall situation with excessive gambling has a positive tendency to decline.

It is worth mentioning that all participants have been divided into several categories: those who gamble rarely, medium-risk gamblers, and people who suffer from gambling addiction. The survey revealed that problem gamblers had spent more money during the quarantine (only three percent). However, if to consider the overall amount, the total percentage of spendings has decreased. In addition to this, the number of risk-level players has also declined.

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