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Pressing Issue: Are Changes in the US Wire Act Possible?

11 October 2020, 11:16
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During the webinar dedicated to the future of the US Wire Act, the industry experts have discussed the possibility for this law to face considerable changes in the nearest time. Will there be any good news about the gambling industry in the country after the elections?

Pressing Issue: Are Changes in the US Wire Act Possible?

The Wire Act has been a big obstacle to the development of the gambling industry in the United States. However, the upcoming elections may bring changes to the law, which will open new opportunities for related businesses.

The US gambling market is waiting for the new era

According to the webinar speakers, the whole industry is waiting for appeals that will change the current state of the betting sector, first of all. Moreover, the act requires reconsideration under any circumstances, and the newly established Congress and Senate should review this question. This will lead to the opening of many serious conversations aimed at obtaining more clarity in the gambling law.

The experts are also equally of the opinion that the US government should allow the gambling market to be as active as it has been historically. The legalization of the betting industry in states that need this, as well as the creation of the federal framework that will govern the market, will lead to a big step ahead. States require separate scenarios of development because they have different perspectives of moving forward.

In general, experts have come to the common conclusion that everything depends on people who will take the place of the previous power in the White House and Senate. They have noted that the Congress members are getting younger and younger. It means that these members don’t underestimate the role of IT in the modern world. That is why the US government has a chance to understand that the state-based iGaming systems can exist on the Internet. The only thing to do now for all the industry participants is to keep eyes on the elections because they will have a huge impact.

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