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Possible Fuel and Food Rationing in the UK Makes Bookmakers Drop the Odds

20 August 2019, 12:43
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Brexit with No Deal can influence the growing demand for the products imported into the UK, as well as the ones produced there, but the authorities seek to avoid this scenario.

Possible Fuel and Food Rationing in the UK Makes Bookmakers Drop the Odds

Despite Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, which is appointed for October 31, the authorities represented by the Conservative government still do not have the agreement with European partners on this matter. Furthermore, after the Operation Yellowhammer newspaper’s recent publication on possible outcomes of No Deal, British bookmakers changed their odds on the possibility of rationing certain products in the UK.

Fuel as the most demanded commodity for the citizens is the first one in the bookmakers' list to be rationed by the government. Taking into account its high consumption throughout the country, Betfair betting company has reduced the odds on this point from 7/1 to 4/1.

Bookmakers also believe that problems in the food supply will lead to its rationing as well. For example, the odds for milk rationing (even though Britain is self-sufficient in its production) are settled at 12/1. The same applies to imported products, such as olive oil and coffee, which are priced at 16/1 and 20/1 accordingly. Given the potential for possible agriculture problems after Brexit, the odds for beef rationing shifted from 50/1 to 20/1. Alcohol products consumption can also be limited: a ration on wine is 33/1, the odds for champagne rationing are 125/1.

Britons hope Boris Johnson will be able to minimize the risk of potential growing demand and do everything possible to make the UK out of the EU with a Deal.

As mentioned earlier, bookmakers are offering good odds for the UK Prime Minister’s possible resigning from the post.

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