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Political Leader of Bangladesh is Accused of Illegal Gambling

20 September 2019, 15:41
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The Bangladesh authorities have been acting strictly to combat illegal gambling. One of the young political leaders of the country is among those who are charged as offenders.

Political Leader of Bangladesh is Accused of Illegal Gambling

The men in blue in Dhaka launched a raid on five establishments suspected of covering illegal casino operations. The police officers detained almost two hundred people. Among the charged offenders was a leader of the youth wing of the Awami League party Khalid Mahmud Bhuyang.

Gambling is illegal in the country. Thus, police look for illegal establishments and arrest guilty people.

Earlier police were informed about some casinos that worked twenty-four seven. Thus, they raided on Youngmen's club where they arrested more than hundred people. The majority of the accused gamblers were from China and Nepal. Police seized there various gambling items, as well as alcohol, illegal drugs, firearms and money.

Khalid’s arrest has triggered many accusations. Some people claimed this situation was politically motivated by his political party. However, the Home Minister of Bangladesh has denied this accusation. Besides, he has told all people that gamble illegally will be liable for their own acts.

As mentioned earlier, the Chinese government urges the Philippines authorities to take strict measures regarding gambling.

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