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PokerStars Is Afraid of Risks: European Tournaments Are Cancelled Because of Coronavirus

10 March 2020, 14:45
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Recently, organizers of PokerStars live events have shared the information that they have canceled the tournaments in European countries because of Coronavirus. Contests outside Europe will be held according to the schedule.

PokerStars Is Afraid of Risks: European Tournaments Are Cancelled Because of Coronavirus

Coronavirus inspires fear not only to people who don’t like to take risks but also to those for whom risk is a way of life. One of the biggest poker events’ organizers – PokerStars – announced that they annulled their tournaments in Europe because of Coronavirus cases. This decision was made to protect the event participants from possible threats connected with the pandemic, as it was stated in popular poker news.

What European countries will be passed by?

Poker champions from Germany, France, and Spain won’t be able to show their excellent gaming skills in PokerStars contests as it has been planned before. However, the event's operators hope to continue holding competitions after April 10. It wasn’t a rash decision for the company because such cancellations always cost much money. Organizers are going to apply safety precautions and sanitize everything to take care of players’ health after the tournaments’ resume.

PokerStars isn’t the only event organizer who doesn’t want to take responsibility for participants’ health and decides to postpone competitions. As the virus quickly spreads around the globe, more and more organizations cancel scheduled events or hold off on them until the situation is stabilized.

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