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PokerStars & GGPoker Offer Online Bounty, $70M on Stake in October

13 October 2020, 16:07
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The coronavirus pandemic facilitated online poker, and world leaders PokerStars and GGPoker came to suggesting dozens of millions of prizes monthly online. Both operators presented online bounty tournaments that will be held in October, making the remote gaming not only engaging but also profitable. Login Casino reviews the latest poker news and suggests the most attractive events to pay attention to.

PokerStars & GGPoker Offer Online Bounty, $70M on Stake in October

The lockdown measures postponed numerous events globally, but some gaming spheres flourished during this period. Along with cybersport popularity in 2020, online poker became the place for gambling enthusiasts who enjoyed and earned as well. Thus, GGPoker and Pokerstars presented bounty card events with dozens of millions of prize pools.

Bounty Hunters Series (BHS) by GGPoker

The BHS event will be held for two weeks during October 11-25, suggesting for the platform's clients $40 million prizes guaranteed. Customers can hope for winning $50K daily with only $25 buy-in, while the weekend tournaments present a million pools at stake. Overall, there would be 549 events with buy-ins starting from $5.25 and ending with $10K. Also, five $500 000 and five $1M events are suggested for the participants.

Bounty Builder Series (BBS) by PokerStars

The same period can also be attractive for dedicated PokerStars clients, as the BBS event is another opportunity to make the pocket bigger. The platform offers $30 million for 213 events, with a maximum daily pool of $250K per tournament. Buy-ins start from $8 and end with $530, while still million prize pools are suggested for the players.

Why are PokerStars and GGPoker holding a million events at the same time?


Actually, that is a clear reaction to the market situation. The absence of the offline tournaments led to influential online events, and the successful remote WSOP organization confirmed the demand for regular poker competitions. Now, both leading operators are conquering the wider audience, which leads to a tight competitive online schedule.

Furthermore, PokerStars and GGPoker are making steps toward fair online gambling. The issue of cheating and using Real-Time Assistance significantly arose in 2020 as now big money can be won online. Applying the game theory optimal became more straightforward, which ruins the natural competition. However, both platforms started anti-cheating campaigns, which can play a vital role in defining the online poker sphere's market leader. It forces us to assume that both GGPoker and Pokerstars will be making active steps towards the audience's loyalty and apply vast retention practices to the clients in diverse ways, including astonishing prize pools online.

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