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Poker Is in Focus: Outlook for Market’s Future

8 February 2021, 10:54
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During the iGaming NEXT POWER Hour webinar, the leading industry experts have shared their insights into the current state of online poker.

Poker Is in Focus: Outlook for Market’s Future

The experts discussed the main poker news, especially those influencing the market during the pandemic, and made a prognosis about its future development.

Will the new hype of poker continue?

The first topic that the webinar speakers brought up was the hype of online poker during the lockdown. Manuel Lopes, CEO at QuFan, said that people had had much free time because of staying at home and the lack of outdoor entertainment. This caused a considerable influx of new poker players during the first lockdown. Later, the number of users stabilized and then even dropped. The pandemic brought changes in players’ demographic as well. Dmitry Starostenkov, CEO at EvenBet Gaming, has added that poker rooms still see a positive influence from the lockdown when players have moved to online.

The experts also considered the opportunities for the poker vertical to develop further. Speaking about current drivers for the market, Manuel Lopes has said that desktop usage is very low in comparison to mobile phones. According to tests, users prefer handheld devices to play poker, which is important to remember for operators as mobile technology leads the market.

The popularity of digital poker became the reason for its development in many regions throughout the globe. In particular regions, poker is growing at a fast pace. For example, Taiwan is one of such countries where the card game is on its rise. In addition to this, the whole of Asia and Latin America also have a big potential for this sector of the gambling industry. That is why speakers recommend localizing poker products in the Chinese language if an operator wants to enter top jurisdictions. The speakers have noted that the US is an immature country in terms of poker, however, it has space there. If at least one big operator takes it, the rest of the companies will follow because they will see revenue, and it will be a snowball effect. According to the experts, online poker has all chances to be a huge industry in five years.

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