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Players from Switzerland Still Can Visit Illegal Casinos

14 February 2021, 10:53
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According to the recent casino news from Switzerland, the country’s regulator didn’t succeed in detecting and shutting down unregulated online casinos.

Players from Switzerland Still Can Visit Illegal Casinos

As the latest data show, Swiss players aren’t restricted from unregulated gambling to the full extent. They can visit 263 unlicensed websites with such services.

Gespa is helpless in domain blocking

Not so long ago, the Swiss Gambling Supervisory Authority (Gespa) and Federal Gaming Board (ESBK) created the blacklist of illegal gambling services providers. However, time is passing by, and Switzerland’s residents still can visit the majority of these casinos and spend time there. ESBK has added 316 domains to its list, while Gespa has 141 websites. It is worth mentioning that the lists include world-known companies, which are popular among gamblers throughout the globe. Although it is clear which operators don’t have right to offer gambling products in the country’s territory, players have access to their platforms.

The regulatory authorities have only apologies and explanations for this situation. According to their representatives, complete control over unregulated websites is impossible. Approximately three hundred Internet providers operate in Switzerland, and it isn’t an easy task to monitor whether each of them follows the rules and blocks domains. Experts say that it is necessary to change the approach to this problem, otherwise, everything will remain the same.

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