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Philippine Fight against Gambling-Related Kidnappings Continues

16 August 2019, 08:02
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The Philippine National Police (PNP) have promised to intensify their repressive tools for combatting kidnappings in local gambling establishments.

Philippine Fight against Gambling-Related Kidnappings Continues

On August 14, the Anti-Kidnapping Group (AKG), a special division of PNP, launched “intensified operations” to root out the growing problem of casino kidnappings. The victims were mainly Chinese citizens.

Over the past two years, the Philippine police have recorded fifty-two instances of kidnappings related to gambling. The main reason was the inability to pay back the money taken from loan sharks.

According to AKG spokesperson, the criminals use two methods to entice their victims. The first one looks like a junket-tour offer for Chinese gamblers: they receive money for traveling, accommodation, and gambling. However, upon return, they are obliged to repay not only the borrowed money but also about 30 percent of their winnings.

The second method is aimed at rich people. Wealthy Chinese are offered lucrative investment opportunities. However, upon arriving they are kidnapped since there is a good chance of receiving a big ransom.

The AKG measures for combatting such crimes involve distributing wanted posters of dangerous individuals in gambling establishments as well as assigning agents to monitor casinos.

As mentioned earlier, the Philippine government started a campaign against casino operators due to massive corruption in the sector.

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