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Phil Ivey vs. Borgata Saga Has Chances to Come to a Close

9 July 2020, 12:34
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The articles about the longstanding legal wrangling between a famous card player Phil Ivey and Borgata casino often appear in the news about the poker industry. However, this story may end in the nearest future, and both sides seem to reach an agreement.

Phil Ivey vs. Borgata Saga Has Chances to Come to a Close

The $10-million-battle has been lasting for six years. However, according to the latest news, these legal proceedings are near completion. The player and the casino have obtained consensus, but the terms of their agreement aren’t available to the public.

Why did they decide to settle the conflict?

It isn’t a secret that the situation connected with Ivey’s cheating at the casino (presumptive) has affected his reputation negatively. He got much criticism from the public and had to pay almost $125000 to Borgata. The casino wants to get the whole sum of money back because, as its attorneys are trying to prove, the poker player has used marked cards to win in the game.

It is a controversial question whether this win in the court will bring some profit to Borgata. Ivey doesn’t have any savings in the USA banks. His millions of dollars are resting on bank accounts somewhere in other countries. At the same time, if the gambling establishment doesn’t win a victory over the player, it will have a negative impact on its parent company MGM Resorts International.

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