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Peculiarities of Gambling Company Operation in Different Cultures

6 November 2020, 13:06
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It goes without saying that every country has certain cultural peculiarities that influence all the industries, and the gambling business isn’t an exception.

Peculiarities of Gambling Company Operation in Different Cultures

Speakers of the SBC Digital Summit CIS have discussed how differences in culture impact on a gambling company operation and how to overcome these challenges.

Different cultures – different gambling habits 

If to read gambling news from countries around the globe, it is easy to notice that it varies in popular topics. It isn’t surprising as every culture has its approach and attitude to gambling as well as certain habits in entertainment.

The speakers of the event have confirmed that these differences do exist, and companies should try hard to merge into the market without becoming a black sheep. Kirill Miroshnichenko, sales director at Endorphina, has said that the tastes of the population in the CIS countries differ from other players’ habits. For example, the CIS gamblers prefer classic easy-to-understand games, while players from Scandinavian countries are more interested in complicated games. He has also noted that these peculiarities usually come from the land-based casino segment, as many users switch to online after playing in these gambling establishments.

Lasha Machavariani, CEO & Founder at Sports Media Holding, has agreed with his colleague totally, saying that, in Georgia, for example, bettors prefer pre-match odds, while approximately 67% of players from Kazakhstan enjoy in-play betting.

In addition to different gambling behavior, from the business perspective, operators also meet many challenges and obstacles when they provide services in several countries. Although sports unite people and the majority of sportsbooks have the same set of betting products, citizens of different states support different types of sport and clubs. Another important task is localization because operators need to localize not only their products but also digital and social media.

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