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PayPal Is Now Available for BitFlyer Users

21 September 2020, 15:06
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The latest cryptocurrency news informs that the third biggest cryptocurrencies exchange platform with perfect transparency, bitFlyer, announced their collaboration with PayPal. It means that users of bitFlyer can utilize PayPal for depositing and withdrawing Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies. Global companies will also cooperate on the safety and protection questions, making the e-commerce exchanges faster and safer.

PayPal Is Now Available for BitFlyer Users

A Japan-based but world's operating crypto-exchange company bitFlyer added the possibility for their clients to use PayPal accounts for money processing. According to the COO of bitFlyer Europe, Andy Bryant, it will give their customers one more suitable option to buy crypto assets with the highest security level.

The European office is proud of adding PayPal as one of the most prominent organizations of digital assets transactions. Another manager of the European office of bitFlyer, Jacek Bastin, made an emphasis on the instant exchanges that now would be available for the clients of their Platform. The business representative also praised the possibility of adding a world-known payments' giant as the step towards credibility and transparency.

The recent crypto activity of bitFlyer

As of now, butFlyer has provided more than 1 million trades, exceeding $800M total transaction costs. They present the ability to use Japanese, European, and American fiat money for their clients. PayPal and bitFlyer show the growing tendency in the number of active users and processed payments, which seems to be positive cooperation for both.

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